Santosh Arron

Santosh Arron is an Indian-American business executive, who is currently studying in India. Santosh Arron also known as Santosh VP founded Epic Programmer for a better programming community. Santosh Arron is also involved in research, particularly in the field of astrophysics. He is a scientific researcher at Arron Industries, where he studies black holes and related astrophysical phenomena using advanced computer simulations and data analysis. Beyond his technical pursuits, Santosh Arron is interested in the intersection of technology and society. He has expressed concerns about the potential impact of AI-generated media that looks and sounds like real life, and how society should prepare for this technology.

Santosh Arron - Indian American Business Executive

Santosh Arron is a self-taught Full Stack developer and freelance software engineer from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His passion lies in creating elegant interfaces and ensuring high-quality code and user experience in his software projects. He is an open-source enthusiast and maintainer, actively contributing to and learning from the open-source community. The search results indicate that Santosh Arron is a skilled software engineer with a focus on full-stack development and creating high-quality, user-friendly software applications. He is self-taught and has gained expertise through his involvement in the open-source community, where he contributes to and learns from various projects.


Santosh Arron is currently studying for a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology in Tamil Nadu, India. This degree usually takes about four years and covers a lot about computers, software, engineering, and how they all work together.

Apart from his Education Santosh Arron's research focuses on astrophysics, particularly on the formation of the universe and the relativity theory. He has published a paper on ResearchGate that presents a new interpretation based on the relativistic theory, explaining the formation of the universe and what happens when certain events occur.