Epic Programmer is a YouTube channel created and owned by Santosh Arron. The channel provides programming tutorials and guides for a variety of programming languages and technologies. The channel is focused on providing clear and concise explanations of various programming concepts and techniques. The channel offers a wide range of tutorials, including beginner-friendly content as well as more advanced topics, making it a great resource for programmers of all skill levels. The channel also provides tips and best practices for software development, helping viewers to become better programmers. Some of the programming languages and technologies covered on the channel include Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript, as well as web development and machine learning. With the help of Santosh Arron's expertise and experience, Epic Programmer is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about programming.


Santosh Arron also known as Santosh VP is a distinguished Tech Entrepreneur deeply engaged in the realm of technology and computer science. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, he exhibits exceptional specialization in the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With his profound expertise and accomplishments, he has garnered widespread recognition as a prominent figure in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Moreover, Santosh Arron is an acclaimed YouTuber, presiding over a channel known as "Epic Programmer," where he graciously imparts his extensive knowledge and proficiency in various programming languages, cutting-edge technologies, and the intricacies of Machine Learning. His channel encompasses a diverse array of tutorials tailored to cater to programmers of all skill levels. Renowned for his ability to present complex programming concepts and techniques in a lucid and concise manner, he has established himself as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to expand their programming prowess.

It is crucial to underscore that Santosh Arron's professional pursuits do not extend into the realm of the entertainment industry. Rather, his focus primarily lies in computer science and education, with a resolute dedication to facilitating the learning and development of others in the realms of programming and machine learning.