MERN Stack Subscription Payment

MERN Stack Subscription Payment

The MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js) is a popular combination of technologies for building full-stack web applications. One common feature in many web applications is the ability to accept subscription payments. In this article, we will discuss how to implement a subscription payment system in a MERN stack application.

First, we will need to set up a payment gateway. There are many payment gateway options available such as Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree. For this article, we will use Stripe as an example. To use Stripe, you will need to create an account and obtain a secret key and publishable key.

Next, we will need to install the Stripe npm package in our Node.js server. This package allows us to interact with the Stripe API to create and manage subscriptions.

In our React front-end, we will need to create a subscription form for users to enter their payment information. We will use the Stripe Elements library to create the form and handle the credit card validation. Once the form is submitted, we will send the payment information to our Node.js server via an API call.

On the server, we will use the Stripe npm package to create a subscription for the customer using the payment information received from the front-end. Once the subscription is created, we will save the customer information and subscription details in our MongoDB database.

To manage the subscriptions, we will create a subscription management page in our React front-end where users can view and cancel their subscriptions. This page will make API calls to our Node.js server to retrieve the subscription information from our MongoDB database and display it to the user.

To handle subscription payments, we will create a webhook endpoint in our Node.js server. This endpoint will listen for events from Stripe such as failed payments or subscription cancellation. When these events occur, we will update the subscription information in our MongoDB database accordingly.

In summary, implementing a subscription payment system in a MERN stack application involves setting up a payment gateway, creating a subscription form in React, creating and managing subscriptions in Node.js and storing the subscription information in MongoDB, and handling webhook events from the payment gateway. With the help of Stripe and its npm package, the process of implementing a subscription payment system can be made simpler.

It's important to keep in mind that this is just an example and there are many variations in the way you can implement a subscription payment system in a MERN stack application. It's also important to consider security best practices when handling sensitive information such as payment information.

Guide to run this app

Install dependencies using "npm install"
Update the dependencies if required also change down the routes according to your node version

Update the keys on .env.example file
after that rename it to .env

Update YOUR_PUBLISHABLE_KEY on 'public/js/account.js file'

Once your done with that
Start the server and Client using "npm start"

Feel free to Watch the tutorial and learn more about it :)