AI Art

AI Art app was created by the Flutter framework and it is a new AI art generation tool that can create amazing images from just a text prompt. TexFusion AI can also make variations of your existing image. It uses brain fusion API to get 3d render images.


  • Generate Images from Text
  • High-Quality images
  • Unlimited Response
  • Added 12 Styles including 3D render.
  • Download Image
  • Different Theme And Modes
  • Multi Languages
  • Custom Font
  • Lightweight & user-friendly

How it works

Make sure you enter a more descriptive prompt. This kind of new api, it produces HD images with fewer descriptive prompts. So, make sure you describe the image you want as output correctly.

Release Apk

Source Code

GitHub - santosharron/ai-art
Contribute to santosharron/ai-art development by creating an account on GitHub.